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A marriage in Bulgaria can be ended legally only by the court.

If you or your spouse is a Bulgarian resident or citizen, I can help you get a fast and convenient undefended divorce. I will help you whether your undefended divorce is simple or you have child support and custody issues and/or assets in Bulgaria to divide.


I will first try to help you to come to an agreement because if this is not possible, the procedure becomes more complicated and expensive and takes longer to resolve.


Family Dispute

How can I help?

  • I will explain the common aspects of the divorce process in Bulgaria and help you understand what you need to do at each stage.

  • I will prepare the necessary paperwork and start the divorce action for you.

  • I will represent you in court.

  • I will keep you updated of each step throughout the divorce process.


If you need legal advice or representation about getting a divorce in Bulgaria, contact me today to discuss your case.

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