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Buying or selling property in Bansko? I am at your side every step of the way.

I have been representing buyers and sellers in Bansko, Razlog and Banya since 2008.


I know that each transaction is different. With different goals, worries and questions. I work hard to find the approach that is right for you keeping you informed with regular updates so you can understand exactly where your case is at and what is left to do.

Why it is important to use an independent lawyer?

Image by Vitaliy Paykov

Very often buyers and sellers are told by the real estate agent that the agent and the notary will look after their interests, and that if they really do want to use a lawyer then they can use one introduced to them by the real estate agency. 

Whatever you are told, Bulgarian notaries do not look after the interests of the parties. Their role is to ensure that the completion documents signed by or on behalf of the buyer and the seller are prepared according to the law and that the parties understand what they are signing and have full authority to sign them. 

Real estate agents in Bulgaria are not regulated. This means that pretty much everyone can become a real estate agent and they can say whatever they want to attract new customers, but once you sign the completion documents at the notary’s office stating that you know what you are signing, all the terms and conditions of the transaction are contained in those documents. There is no action for professional misconduct that can be brought against the real estate agent.


The lawyers introduced to you by the real estate agency look after the agency’s interest which is to complete the transaction as soon as possible.

If you are looking for an independent solicitor to help you sell your apartment or buy a new one I am here for you.

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